Sunday, 2 October 2011

One day!!

Finally the end for sem 3.... 

arini.. paper last utk sem 3 ini... alhamdulillah stelah 4 bulan brusaha arini tamat sudah pembelanjaran bg sem yg ketiga... dan sumenye akn ditentkan oleh result yg bkal diketahui nnti... now.. i dun want to look back.. i just want to look forward.. and go.... kalu na difikirkan ttg masalah... sume org ade poblem kan...hnye brgantung pada ssorg itu utk hadapi dan atasinya... sy tamau mengalah... sbb Allah tahu kebenarannye kan kan kan....


at sini sy na kongsikan 1 song yg bole wat kite wase smgtt.. tajuknye ONE DAY by CHARICE... jum kite hayati lirik dye... :

(one day, one day, one day)
they’re not gonna keep me down
they’re not gonna shut me out
they’re gonna do what they do, i do me
i’m moving against the crowd
i’m drowning out, way down
they’re gonna do what they do
i do something original
be unforgettable
they’re gonna know my name
(one day) i’ll make you a believer
(one day) i got this all i need is
(one day) don’t try to tell me i can’t (tell me i can’t)
(and now) i’m a light in the future
(watch out) wont stop i’m a mover
(one day) you’re gonna know who i am
i will fly high and free
it’s my fate wait and see one day
i’ve been afraid before,
to reach for something more
but now i see that it’s mine, i’ll take it
just go ahead and try,
you’re not gonna change my mind
there’s no such thing as too late
i’m on a mission, no longer listening
to anyone that says don’t try
sometimes you feel it, deep in your spirit
it’s like a fire that won’t die
one day, one day
one day, one day, one day

Kejayaan seseorg bkn terletak pade org lain.. tp pade usaha sendiri dan juge dengan izin Allah... ^_^ ....
so... jum kite usaha same2!!
mr orange!! ms epal!! chaiyokkk2!!! fighting!! we both can do it... we both can get it... 

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